Cibo – June 23, 2012

She said – Three cheers for the return of date night! Even if I have to plan it.

I had mentally catalogued Cibo (pronounced chee-bo) a couple weeks ago when its bright white sign and funky patio caught my eye. Right away it hit a few key criteria; close to Ali’s place (max 10 minute walk, but like lazy bums we drove ), new (no chance either of us have been here on dates), and trendy-looking (not a blog requirement, this just fits a personal need to feel hip).

see left of building for funky patio

Unfortunately for us, it poured rain the day we went, so no funky patio. The inside had a trendy, minimalist feel, but holy crap was it loud. I don’t mind a nice hum, but having to say “Say again?” more than twice just ruins the timing of my jokes. Not cool.

Unlike a lot of the new, trendy restaurants in town Cibo will actually take reservations (no mad Twitter checking for unrealistic wait times for me, thank you) which scores it points right off the bat. It felt pretty good bypassing the two hour line (!!) other patrons were stuck with.

We had filled up on dosas just a couple hours earlier so we decided to keep dinner light – 3 scodellina (fancy word for mini appetizers) and one pizza. For appies we settled on roasted eggplant (a dip, even though it’s not descirbed as such on the menu), roasted peppers, and lamb meatballs (a now recurring theme for us). All were very tasty. We were apparently hungrier than I originally let on, because we forgot to take a picture until half way through this course.

At $4 a pop, I don’t know why I thought they’d be larger!

Next came our pizza, which was topped with assorted goodness: chicken, goat cheese, scallions, artichokes, green olives, peppers, and tomatoes. It was tasty, but frankly, nothing all that special or different from anywhere else in the city. In fact, think boy Ali preferred the Awesome Kitchen tandoori chicken pizza we had much much later that night. We did devour most of it though before remembering to take a picture, so infer from that what you will.

Maybe we liked it more than I let on

He said: A new restaurant on 17th Avenue near my place…count me in! Well i’m a little lazy, and took a bit too much time after eating here so I will keep this short and sweet as I think Girl Alee did a pretty damn good job of describing the experience. Cibo (See-boo is the actual pronunciation) has a very western vibe with its wood decorated interior, which makes it perfect for Stampede time. I have to give special mention to the service as it was pretty amazing. Our server gave us a couple free glasses of wine even though he told us that the pizza would take a bit longer (and it didn’t even take that long). So pretty amazing stuff. The food was pretty damn good, but to be honest I don’t remember anything that strongly, but I think its a great night spot that’s definitely worth a check out…I will definitely bring my bolo tie next time.



Location: 5 out of 5 “I Feels” (next time, we won’t be so lazy and we’ll hoof it here on foot)

Service: 5 out of 5 “Yay Hurrays” (the waiter was amazing. He warned us the pizza would take long, but continually apologized for the wait time and treated us each to a free glass of wine for our “inconvenience”)

Atmosphere: 3 out of 5 “Purple Shirts” (hip and chic inside (I need new adjectives), but not very unique and frankly, very loud.)

Nicheness: 3 out of 5 “Green Tights” (somewhat unknown because of it’s newness, but that won’t last long… if it hasn’t disappeared already)

Price: 3.5 out of 5 “Overstuffed Wallets” (Not bad. Pretty average price for a nice night out)

Taste: 3.5 out of 5 “Jeepers” (very yummy, but not a unique yummy)

Overall: 23 out of 30 not too bad! It might be worth another visit, but there’s some much more in the city we’d want to try before repeating chee-bo

Cibo on Urbanspoon

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