Nourish Bistro – May 21, 2012

She said – We’re baaaaaaaaaaack!

We’ve let this entry slide a little too long, but that’s good news for you! My inability to remember much about Nourish Bistro may actually keep this entry short.

It was the perfect end to our Victoria Day Monday in Banff. After “hiking” to Elbow Falls, canoeing, frisbee-ing, shopping, and accidentally stealing some tea, we needed a little Nourish-ment (insert audible groan).

Canoeing the Bow! See me at the front preparing to do all the work

The website incorrectly refers to Nourish as “tapas-style.” Tapas is a great date food (see Vin Room review for more on my love of tapas), but Nourish’s menu seems to cater more to obese vegetarians (at least if you order the way we did). The waitress warned us that the portions were enormous and that two full orders are usually too much for two people, but we (read: Zaidi) felt we knew best and ordered three anyways.

Our first choice (again, Zaidi) was a half order of nachos. To me, nachos are generally just nachos (which is still generally pretty good), but the nachos at Nourish managed to be a little different. They had an “everything-in-the-kitchen” approach with a ton of different veggies, fruits, and even pickles on top!

Yes, you read correctly, a half order

Next was the half order of the portobello stacks, which were actually a decent size. I don’t remember the ingredients, but just know a mess of tasty vegetable goodness is hiding under there.

You can’t really tell, but there are mushrooms under the pile on the left… I think

And finally, the stuffed peppers. By the time the peppers came (or more accurately, by the time the nachos left) we were way way too full, but still tried a couple bites. Like everything else, they were delicious and lucky lucky boy Ali got to keep the leftovers for lunch.

More vegetable goodness hiding under all that sauce

He said – Oh Banff, what a lovely little town in the mountains you are. It had been awhile since I had taken Lady Alison out on a date, and felt that it was time for some wooing….I thought about the Grizzly House and Bison, but since the lady is not the biggest meat eater (we need to have more burger places on this blog!) I decided to surprise her with a visit to the Urbanspoon recommended all vegetarian Nourish.

And not to toot my own horn, but it was a greeaaaat choice. A lovely atmosphere, friendly and helpful service, really niche in its own little place off the Banff strip, and most of all delicious food. It almost hurts me to write this review because it was such an awesome place, but unfort we don’t live in Banff so it really isn’t feasible, but those stuffed peppers are worth the trip alone. And are the portions massive! Perfect for a date,  a group outing or anyone looking for a break from all the meat places over there. Highly recommended!


Location: 0 out of 5 “I Feels” (one word: Banff. If we lived in Banff though, it’d be at least a 4!)

Service: 4 out of 5 “Yay Hurrays” (very nice! The waiter was a little judgy about how fast we finished the nachos… but we did kind of ravage them)

Atmosphere: 5 out of 5 “Purple Shirts” (so cute, funky, and eclectic. Hippie-chic!)

Nicheness: 4.5 out of 5 “Green Tights” (Unique! There aren’t a lot of veggie restaurants around and if Nourish were in Calgary, I’d eat here at least bi-weekly. With about 5 friends to share the massive portions)

Price: 4 out of 5 “Overstuffed Wallets” (Tough to say. It is mid-pricey, but considering the amount of food you get it’s definitely worth it!)

Taste: 4.5 out of 5 “Jeepers” (Veggies are yum)

Overall: 22 out of 30 Why do we keep picking restaurants that are pre-disqualified?? Tasty though it was, unless Dr. Zaidberg and I both move to Banff in the near future, it just isn’t feasible. We will definitely stop by next time we’re in the mountains, and next time we’ll know enough to only order food for two people instead of five.

Nourish Vegetarian Bistro & Tea House on Urbanspoon

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