Blue Star Diner – April 14, 2012

She said – I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous to try Blue Star so soon.  We’ve only just started this blog and I was pretty sure this could be the place!

Someone's a little too excited for lunch

Blue Star had a lot of the stuff I really wanted out of our place. Boy Ali hates researching menus etc ahead of time, but I like to have a general idea before heading into a restaurant of what they serve and what I might like to order. When I looked at Blue Star’s site, I was impressed! Pictures of the inside looked chic and clean, there was a lot of variety on the menu, and they serve all three meals and had a decent wine list (yay hurray!). We also discovered Blue Star while just driving past, which is how we originally hoped to find places for the blog.

The wait time for lunch wasn’t too bad – only 15 minutes. And the hipster-esque host that we dubbed mullet man (his hair was some strange no-man’s-land between mullet and mohawk) brought us beverages in line so extra points off the bat!

We were seated up at the bar, which I usually don’t mind so much, but the bar waiter was a bit of a tool; apparently to get good service at Blue Star, you have to be a pair of hot girls. The waiter spent all his time flirting with the girls a couple stools down from us and the girls that came after they left. Also, his t-shirt slogan made no sense. The only saving grace for Blue Star’s service was mullet man’s constant inquiries about the quality of our “chow.”

On to the food though – Blue Star is big on all day lunch and breakfast so we decided to get one of each. My choice – huevos rancheros. And yes, it was as fun to order as I’d originally hoped.


Huevos Rancheros

After a not-so-useful consultation with the not-so-useful bar waiter, boyfriend decided on the Blue Star Veggie Burger, sans the mayo (because mayo is gross).

Blue Star Veggie Buuurger

With the exception of the french fries (ahmahhzing), the entire meal lacked some flavour. Nothing was bad per se, but nothing really stood out either. When Boy Ali was finally able to flag down useless waiter, he had to ask for some hot sauce to liven up the more-fun-to-say-than-eat huevos rancheros. I’ll admit, despite my distaste for a blanket of hot sauce, the eggs definitely needed it.

He Said: Blue Star has been at the top of Lady Ali’s list for awhile, so the next entry seemed to be a forgone conclusion. In fact, we had even attempted to eat here earlier in the week, but the wait was far too long (35 minutes) and we were in a bit of a rush (so much for nicheness). So when we finally decided to go, I was pretty pumped. Suffice to say, the atmosphere was awesome, it was lively and humming, Blue Star seemed like the place to be. The menu had not one, but four veggie burgers, which in my mind meant that a) we were in hippie town and b) it must be a specialty, so why wouldn’t I order one, and the one named after the Diner seemed to be the obvious choice. Girl Ali ordered the dish which had the “funnest” name to say and then we waited. The food took a bit of time, and if it wasn’t for “Mullet Man” we probably wouldn’t have got any service, as the bartender was a little distracted (please read above). The burger looked great, but unfortunately was nothing to write home about. Maybe it was the “no mayo” we asked for…maybe the mayo was the difference. Regardless, it was very unmemorable, and Ali’s Huevos Rancheros was ok, but not as good as the eggs at Belmont. To reiterate as well though, the fries were deeeeeelicious.

So while Blue Star seemed to have all the looks as a major contender in the hunt for “our” restaurant, in the end it didn’t totally live up to the hype, but I must say that Calgary seems to have quite a few pretty great diners.


Location: 3.5 out of 5 “I Feels” (Bridgeland is a tough one – not walkable and no transit. But the area is cute!)

Service: 3.5 out of 5 “Yay Hurrays” (As mentioned, if you’re not a hot chick there will be no service at the bar. Thanks Zaidi for scaring off the waiter. Service saved by the mullet man)

Atmosphere: 4.5 out of 5 “Purple Shirts” (Very clean and chic look to the place, toooootally not expected from the outside. Also, hella happening)

Nicheness: 3 out of 5 “Green Tights” (Cute spot, but always packed. We also had about three people recommend it to us.)

Price: 4 out of 5 “Overstuffed Wallets” (Not bad! We didn’t see prices on the dinner menu though and didn’t order any liquor, so that helped.)

Taste: 3 out of 5 “Jeepers” (Not memorable – boyfriend had to reach for the hot sauce to save the huevos. But yummm those fries were good.)

Overall: 21.5 out of 30 Such a shocker!! I really thought this could be the place. I’m not willing to give up on it though… The tacos on the dinner menu sounded tasty! And we will both wear low cut shirts next time to ensure better service.

Blue Star Diner on Urbanspoon

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One Response to Blue Star Diner – April 14, 2012

  1. Vivian says:

    FOUR veggie burgers?! My nirvana!

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